If I have to share something to others, it will be inspiring words in the form of quotes and verses. So many people in the world are in great hunger and thirst for inspiration and peace in their hearts. I believe we can create more channels to touch people’s lives even through words of encouragement that will change hearts and views.

I have created “VerseForTheDay“ to focus on Bible verses with thoughts and reflections as well as prayer. It is a place for those who are seeking inner peace and joy in their lives. My ultimate goal is to share motivation and inspiration to everyone who thirst for healing, restoration and encouragement. If you found what you are looking for on this site, please share it to your friends and family around who are also seeking help just like you.

If you have something to be added on this website, you are free to comment on my posts. In the future I will be happy to include more information and inspiring messages for everyone.